Indoor Brick Flooring
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Clay Brick Flooring

Indoor Brick Flooring

Indoor Brick Flooring

Beautiful clay brick flooring tile. Our brick flooring tile is unmatched for it's combination of durability and character. This beautiful flooring tile is available in a wide variety of colors that are perfect for any interior or exterior flooring project. Clay brick flooring tile has colors that run throughout the brick so you don't have to worry about this product showing any wear.

Indoor Brick Tiles


Indoor Tiles

Benefits of our Brick Floor Tiles:

-Slip resistant even when wet. Our brick floor tile texture is the perfect balance between ease of clean up and yet optimum in slip resistance.

-Our hard fired colors are color fast and will not fade with exposure to sunlight and weather which occurs with all pigmented concrete pavers.

-Fourteen beautiful colors to choose from. We use the finest clays, shale and raw materials which are fine ground to produce our smooth wirecut texture.

-Easy installation. Our brick floor tile installs the same way as unglazed ceramic tile.

-Beauty of a real brick floor. Real brick gives your room or patio a warm, natural look that is only made possible with real brick. Our brick floor tiles offer a great alternative to ceramic floor tile. Set your project apart with our authentic brick flooring!

Indoor Tile

Please call Jeff Gavin at 319-351-9733 to discuss your project and to request samples.

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